Happy School Psychology Week to our amazing Psych group! National School Psychology week is November 6-10, 2023. We are blessed with the best veteran team, along with some amazing interns as well this year. Thank you to Meg Marquardt, Tricia Kelley, Lisa Murfee, Kristy Haston, Amanda Cunningham, Kassi Charles, Lucas Altenberger, Kristen White, and Amy Toberman. This year’s theme is “Let’s Grow Together”. The theme recognizes four aspects of growth: 1. Individuals grow in their own way, often in their own time, a process influenced by engagement and interaction with their surroundings. 2. Engagement and interaction with others-being part of a vibrant community-supports our growth. 3. Diversity is a powerful ingredient in our growth. 4. Every season contributes to a continuum of growth. For more, follow the link below:…/nat…/about-the-theme-x62972