The Mid-State Special Education Executive Committee consists of the Superintendent, or his or her designee, from each of our member districts.


Agendas & Minutes


Executive Committee Board Members


Dr. Becky Schuchman
Superintendent Carlinville CUSD
Ms. Melissa Ritter
Superintendent Ramsey CUSD 204
Dr. Wes OlsonSuperintendent Bond CUSD
Mr. Mike ShackelfordSuperintendent Brownstown CUSD
Mr. Ben TheilenSuperintendent Edinburg CUSD
Mr. David PowellSuperintendent Hillsboro CUSD
Dr. FuerstenauSuperintendent Litchfield CUSD
Mr. Dave MeisterSuperintendent Morrisonville CUSD
Mr. Robert KoontzSuperintendent Mulberry Grove CUSD
Mr. Aaron HopperSuperintendent Panhandle CUSD
Mr. Chris ClarkSuperintendent South Fork CUSD
Ms. Julie HealeySuperintendent St. Elmo CUSD
Dr. Jennifer GarrisonSuperintendent Vandalia CUSD
Ms. Vickie Throne
Executive Secretary Mid-State Special
Ms. Angela ArmourTreasurer, Director Mid-State Special



Finance Committee

Dr. SchuchmanCarlinville
Ms. RitterRamsey
Mr. HopperPanhandle
Mr. ClarkSouth Fork
Mr. KoontzMulberry Grove

Policy Committee

Dr. SchuchmanCarlinville
Mr. TheilenEdinburg
Ms. RitterRamsey
Ms. HealySt. Elmo


Personnel & Search Committee

Mr. ClarkSouth Fork
Dr. GarrisonVandalia
Mr. KoontzMulberry Grove
Ms. RitterRamsey
Dr. SchuchmanCarlinville