School social workers play a pivotal role in our school districts. They help with district-wide behavior incentive programs, they help Early Intervention students transition to IEPs upon turning 3, they give critical outside counseling resources to families, they provide behavior intervention suggestions, and among so many other supports they provide, the most crucial support they give is their social work services they provide to the students. Their social emotional expertise assists students in life changing ways. Scarlett Vanzo, social worker for Brownstown, St. Elmo, Ramsey, and Mulberry Grove, said this after being complimented on how her interventions with a struggling student helped him find success and allowed him to stay in his home school: “I never think of student success as a compliment to my interventions, I always give the credit to the students.”

If you see Karen Bennett, Rick Cina, Lisa Cacciatori, Michelle Dothager, Patricia Redpath, Nancy Roasio, Jessica Ryan, or Scarlett Vanzo during the week of March 7th, please take a minute to wish them a wonderful social work week.