National School Psychology Week

During the week of November 9–13, 2020 schools throughout the country will celebrate National School Psychology Week to highlight the important work school psychologists and other educators do to help all students thrive.  This year’s theme is “The Power of Possibility” which conveys hope, growth, resilience and renewal.  Please help us in recognizing and thanking our talented and dedicated School Psychologists who are an important member of each school team: Lucas Altenberger (Litchfield schools), Kassi Charles (Edinburg, Morrisonville, Panhandle, and St. Fork schools), Amanda Cunningham (Hillsboro schools), Kristy Haston (Bond County schools), Tricia Kelley (Carlinville Schools), Meg Marquardt (Vandalia schools), and Lisa Murfee (Brownstown, Mulberry Grove, Ramsey, and St. Elmo schools).