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NOTE: An applicant for employment is not obligated to disclose sealed or expunged records of conviction or arrest. You are also not obligated to disclose expunged juvenile records of adjudication or arrest.
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By signing below, I understand that misstatements, false representations, or omissions of information in connection with my application for employment can lead to rejection of my application or dismissal from employment, when discovered.

I authorize the Cooperative to analyze the truthfulness of all statements made on this application, complete reference checks from my current and former employers, and others that may provide information regarding my education and experiences. I also authorize criminal background, sex offender, and other checks required by Federal and State government as well as the school code and insurance carrier for the district. I acknowledge that consideration for employment is contingent on the results of these background check(s). In addition, I give my consent for all contacted persons including current and former employers to provide information concerning this application, and I release each such person from liability for providing information to the Cooperative.

I understand that nothing contained in the application, or the granting of an interview is intended to create an employer/employee relationship between the Cooperative and myself either for employment or for the providing of any benefits. No promises regarding employment have been made to me unless made in writing.

I understand that any offers of employment may be contingent upon my taking and successfully passing a drug and/or alcohol test in accordance with Cooperative's policy. If I refuse to submit to testing, refuse to sign the Cooperative's consent form, or test positive, the Cooperative will not employ me.

I hereby attest that all statements made by me are true to the best of my knowledge, and I agree to the terms noted above.

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